ReACT - VJ Revolution, now.

ReACT ist ein einzigartiges Eingabegerät das speziell für den Live VJ Bereich entwickelt wurde. Dieser kleine, leichte und robuste Controller wurde speziell für Resolume VJ Software entwickelt. Der erweiterbare, MIDI basierte Controller und Resolume ergänzen sich perfekt und bilden gemeinsam die perfekte VJ Lösung.

Ever wondered why man has two hands but only one Pointing device? We did too, but found no reasonable answer to it. This limitation of input possibilities is over now: ReACT – endless control for unlimited functions. This small, lightweight but robust, powerful and expandable Controller and the Resolume VJ Software combine to the most advanced PC based live VJing solution.

ReACT is easy to use

The Controller is easy to setup for a real Plug and Play experience. Just connect the controller to the mains outlet and your MIDI Port. You are ready to go.

ReACT grows with your needs

The Controller is designed with expandability in mind. You can upgrade ReACT with the USB add-on, which gives you the possibility to connect your mouse and your keyboard directly to the controller, to eliminate other USB Hubs or replace faulty USB extension cords. The ReACT Analog/Digital I/O empowers you with the possibility to connect 2 analog PC Joysticks and even more extensions trough the proprietary bus interface.

ReACT to the Sound

The input section is build of long lasting micro and tact switches. The clever use of shifting functions doubles and triples the input possibilities:

Three Layer Shift function for 5 rotary encoders Clip Layer controls shiftable to FX Layer controls, with shift lock function

8 separate shift able Buttons for Deck switching Pushable FX Knobs and Scratch Pad for unique Push&Tune function

To enhance your live performance the ReACT controller also features a jog dial for video scratching, and a 60mm cross fader.

More control means
more possibilities, more freedom and more fun.